Some bargain gadgets that make you laugh

July 4, 2008

With everyday press that crunch us, no wonder that some smart people make things that make our life a better journey. Now pick some bargain gadgets that only intend to make you laugh.

The Ladybug of Unexpected Utility

This charming ladybug has a memory card reader, flash memory, USB charger, an LED flashlight and a counterfeit money detector.
One imagines an uneasy silence in Project Ladybug’s coffee-filled conference room. A junior executive stands up, thumps her hand on the table and yells “No! There is no intuitive human interface objective that ‘Ladybird’ may represent! Let’s just put in everything!”
According to the product page, it sports “Duel intellect charging.” A portable walrus-cleaning upgrade kit will be made available by 2010.

Budweiser telephone lets you drunk dial, like, for real

We can only hope that the makers of this beer bottle phone actually got Budweiser’s permission before slapping its logo on there, but regardless of all that, who can deny the awesomeness here? Okay, so you’ve got to be “that guy” for it to take your breath away, but we know you’re out there somewhere, that guy. Aside from looking like a cold one, it pretty much handles everything else a hamburger phone (or similar) would, but at least this one doesn’t require prior knowledge of Juno to be appreciated by your tipsy pals.

USB “Shock” Drive

Love irritating people with your silly pranks? If yes, then this usb “shock” drive is just for you. The $4 gizmo is one of the coolest prank-device I’ve ever seen. It ain’t a typical pen drive — the prank toy looks and feels like real, but when you take off the cap, your another hand will get an electric shock! What’s more, the shock is strong enough to make people scream. Loved the idea and want to buy one?

Having a happy dayt!


3G Iphone is Planning To Board China By The End Of 2008

June 13, 2008

As expected by many other industry insiders, last Monday Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the new 3G iphone at company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. This notable new iphone is more than half of cheaper than its predecessor and support 3G network. More interesting, Jobs implied us that the new iphone will enter China mainland by the end of this year by demonstrate its Chinese input functionalities personally; he imputed a chinese character “果“.

Much cheaper, much faster surfing
According to the plan, 3G iPHONE will be released at July 11 in over 22 countries and regions; later this year will be on market at 48 countries and regions worldwide.

The new iphone have 8GB and 16Gb two versions, taged $199 and $299; with first ge iphone 399$, the new iphnoe is much cheaper. 3G iphone have built-in GPS and a thinner form facter. As it support 3G network, the download speed is 2.8 times faster than first iphone.
The character ” 果 “implies apple’s determination to enter China MARKET?

Not sure how is apple-china’s negotiation going on, but at the release event, Jobs referred that there are hopes that the 3G Iphone could enter China and Russia by the end of this year, but that still need approval of the supervisor departments of the two countries. Since iphone debut last June, there have been 6 million iphones sold worldwidely with the official markets share in America and Europe. In fact, the number of iphones smuggled into China are also countless.In order to suit China’s 2G network, smugglers have to unlock iphone. The black market iphone in China are sold around 3500 yuan to 3700 yuan. Some people believe after 3G iphone board China, the black market could collapse.

Iphone clone become the biggest competitor?
Many industry manufacturer think the easyiest and straight way to success is copying. After apple accessories like iphone cases , Iphone Clone is becoming common and mass produced. As reported, because there are large amount of smuggled iphones, and the rise of domestic iphone clones, these could be the fatal factor that impede 3G iphone to take market share. One of iphone clone, called Hiphone which is only one letter difference but have almost exact the same functions as iphone(old version) and even light weighted but only for 1200 yuan or 170$

3 Most Popular Motorized DVD Players That Will Keep Your Ride Rock

June 5, 2008

Setting aside the ethics issues, car DVD players are the dream products for many riders. With technology improvements and the high demand of them nowadays, you can easily find many brands and manufacturers selling them. After doing some investigation, there are 3 main types of motorized DVD players on the markets now.

1. In-dash DVDs Or In-car DVDs
This type refers the DVD player will be installed into your car’s dashboard by car accessory shop or its service centre. Mainly for benefiting the driver( like GPS navigation, back rear security camera, music), the in-dash DVDs also cause criticism of distraction drivers.

CLARION VRX755VD 7-Inch Touch Screen Ipod Interface

Functions: 5 of 5 Stars
Looks: 5 of 5 stars
Easy installation: 3 of 5 stars
Overall review: 4 of 5 stars

Clarion has announced a new in-dash touch-screen DVD player/monitor for cars that will be the company’s first to integrate controls for Apple’s iPod. The VRX755VD will have a seven-inch screen and a touch-screen control pad that will give access to the iPod’s playlists and song information. This in and of itself isn’t a terribly new feature, but so far previous head unit controls for the iPod have left a lot to be desired. When flip out screen is not a new thing, hopefully the ipod control interface would attract some one.

2.Sun Visor DVD Players
This type of DVD players will be hung next to driver or back seats to entertain passengers and at the meantime block some sun light if you are heading toward the sun.Such a system can really be a life saver to the driver. Why? Imagine, you’re headed across the country with your family to visit the in-laws in Omaha, and your kids are driving you nuts. A car DVD system allows you to pop in one of their favorite movies and have them entertained for hours while on the road.

Sourcingmap 7″ Region Free Sun Visor Car DVD Players

Functions: 3 of 5 Stars
Looks: 3 of 5 stars
Easy installation: 4 of 5 stars
Overall review: 3 of 5 stars

Sourcingmap introduced this 7″ Region Free DVD Sun Visor to expand its internet fame and wholesale industry. This sun visor DVD featuring DVD movie playing, games, SD / MMC / U-Disk card reader, Car rear view input display also can play DVD, DVD Audio, DVD-R /W, HDVD, DVCD, DVIX, MP3, MP4, CD-R /W and VCD formats. The drawback is that because of lacking enough secure fix, the DVD will flip as your car driving on unsmoothed roads

3. Roof mount DVDs or Flip Down Car DVDs
Also intended to entertain passenger, roof mount DVDs is mounted at top and have a flip down screen and unlike Sun visor DVDs which have narrowed view angle, roof mount DVD can entertain the every body in the car(besides the driver of course) because everyone can see the scree just lift your head, it is there.

JEJA 8.4″ Roof Mount DVD Player / TV Receiver Horizontal Overturn and Remote Controller

Functions: 4 of 5 Stars
Looks: 4 of 5 stars
Easy installation: 3 of 5 stars
Overall review: 4 of 5 stars

Among all types of motorized DVD players, roof mounts are gaining the most favors. JEJA’s 8.4″ large and flexible roof mount is designed for luxury entertainments. Product features super large screen,
Auto search AM/FM, infrared remote control and TV receiver.

Weight Loss Sunglases?Questionable Gadgets

June 3, 2008

Below are quoted from press release:
Cheaponlinesunglasses (COS sunglasses for short) is an international sunglasses manufacturer brand. Recently the company announces a new geek concept – weight loss sunglasses for one of its product lines 鈥� blue tints sunglasses. Sounds silly, but the site claims that the theory which is based on scientific psychological rationale could be helpful if the wearers believe they can successfully reduce their weights.

According to the company spoken men, the main reason why blue tint sunglasses are weight loss helpful lies in that blue is considered to be the least appetizing color of the spectrum, with red and yellow being at the opposite end as a hunger stimulant. what more color blue is associated with calmness and tranquility. It can also be cold and depressing (ie. the expression “feeling blue”). Combine these traits and you have an environment that will curtail your eating.

Editor review: however effective the weight loss sunglasses convince you to believe it, the most important key is your determination and action. Eat less , drink more (no soda of course), rest less and exercise more( walk, run..)

Source via pressmethod

Sourcingmap Introduced In-dash DVD Player And Sun Visor DVD

June 3, 2008

Sourcingmap recently introduced two types of DVD players – The in-dash DVDs and Sun Visor DVDs which are taged as must have gadgets for autos.

The In-dash DVD players features :
* Standard 1-DIN Car FREE region DVD Player stereo system with USB SD MMC card player
* Electronic anti-shock builds quality and smart appearance.
* Video and music DVDs and CDs can be inserted into the drive slot hidden behind the front panel.
* Multifunction Control Panel
* Radio channels auto scan and store
* Preset EQ (pop / rock / classic)
* Card size full function remote control
Wondering where is the flipup LCD screen? Whatever, it is a wrong decision to indrocude given that in-dash car DVDs are forbidden at some countries

The Sun Visor DVD players basically have no functional differnece from the above listed.

Source via Sourcingmap

The First Samsung Blu-ray DVD Players

June 3, 2008

Apr 29,2008 Samsung announced the launch of its next generation DVD Players , including its first Blu-ray player BD-P1400. The flagship model of the new 2008 DVD range is the Samsung Pebble ( DVD F1080), which is a High Definition 1080p up conversion DVD Player.

Samsung DVD-F1080

The unit is small and slim and can up convert standard 480p discs to 720 p, 1080i or 1080p. It also features multimedia file playback capability, including DivX, MP3, WMA, MPEG4 and more. It is priced at Rs. 5, 900.

“The introduction of newest line of DVD and Blu-ray players signals to consumers that the home viewing experience will come with a more striking look, a clearer sound, more stunning color and easier connectivity than ever before”, said R. Zutshi, Dy. Managing Director, Samsung India.

Samsung BD-P1400

The new BD-P1400 Blu-ray player also seems impressive, with all the arsenal needed for a multimedia overhaul, like HDMI 1.3 and more. It comes in at the right time, and is not too differently priced from competitors. It is priced at Rs. 29, 000/.

In addition to the Pebble and BD-P1400, Samsung today also announced the launch of seven new DVD players here. Some of the new features that have been introduced in the 2008 DVD line up include: Best Playability, FM Tuner, Power Resume Function, USB 2.0 connection, CD ripping and 14 bit Video DAC. These players also have the cool D2RS technology, which aims and claims to play all kinds of scratched DVDs.

Source Via tech2