The First Samsung Blu-ray DVD Players

Apr 29,2008 Samsung announced the launch of its next generation DVD Players , including its first Blu-ray player BD-P1400. The flagship model of the new 2008 DVD range is the Samsung Pebble ( DVD F1080), which is a High Definition 1080p up conversion DVD Player.

Samsung DVD-F1080

The unit is small and slim and can up convert standard 480p discs to 720 p, 1080i or 1080p. It also features multimedia file playback capability, including DivX, MP3, WMA, MPEG4 and more. It is priced at Rs. 5, 900.

“The introduction of newest line of DVD and Blu-ray players signals to consumers that the home viewing experience will come with a more striking look, a clearer sound, more stunning color and easier connectivity than ever before”, said R. Zutshi, Dy. Managing Director, Samsung India.

Samsung BD-P1400

The new BD-P1400 Blu-ray player also seems impressive, with all the arsenal needed for a multimedia overhaul, like HDMI 1.3 and more. It comes in at the right time, and is not too differently priced from competitors. It is priced at Rs. 29, 000/.

In addition to the Pebble and BD-P1400, Samsung today also announced the launch of seven new DVD players here. Some of the new features that have been introduced in the 2008 DVD line up include: Best Playability, FM Tuner, Power Resume Function, USB 2.0 connection, CD ripping and 14 bit Video DAC. These players also have the cool D2RS technology, which aims and claims to play all kinds of scratched DVDs.

Source Via tech2


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