Weight Loss Sunglases?Questionable Gadgets

Below are quoted from press release:
Cheaponlinesunglasses (COS sunglasses for short) is an international sunglasses manufacturer brand. Recently the company announces a new geek concept – weight loss sunglasses for one of its product lines 鈥� blue tints sunglasses. Sounds silly, but the site claims that the theory which is based on scientific psychological rationale could be helpful if the wearers believe they can successfully reduce their weights.

According to the company spoken men, the main reason why blue tint sunglasses are weight loss helpful lies in that blue is considered to be the least appetizing color of the spectrum, with red and yellow being at the opposite end as a hunger stimulant. what more color blue is associated with calmness and tranquility. It can also be cold and depressing (ie. the expression “feeling blue”). Combine these traits and you have an environment that will curtail your eating.

Editor review: however effective the weight loss sunglasses convince you to believe it, the most important key is your determination and action. Eat less , drink more (no soda of course), rest less and exercise more( walk, run..)

Source via pressmethod


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