Some bargain gadgets that make you laugh

With everyday press that crunch us, no wonder that some smart people make things that make our life a better journey. Now pick some bargain gadgets that only intend to make you laugh.

The Ladybug of Unexpected Utility

This charming ladybug has a memory card reader, flash memory, USB charger, an LED flashlight and a counterfeit money detector.
One imagines an uneasy silence in Project Ladybug’s coffee-filled conference room. A junior executive stands up, thumps her hand on the table and yells “No! There is no intuitive human interface objective that ‘Ladybird’ may represent! Let’s just put in everything!”
According to the product page, it sports “Duel intellect charging.” A portable walrus-cleaning upgrade kit will be made available by 2010.

Budweiser telephone lets you drunk dial, like, for real

We can only hope that the makers of this beer bottle phone actually got Budweiser’s permission before slapping its logo on there, but regardless of all that, who can deny the awesomeness here? Okay, so you’ve got to be “that guy” for it to take your breath away, but we know you’re out there somewhere, that guy. Aside from looking like a cold one, it pretty much handles everything else a hamburger phone (or similar) would, but at least this one doesn’t require prior knowledge of Juno to be appreciated by your tipsy pals.

USB “Shock” Drive

Love irritating people with your silly pranks? If yes, then this usb “shock” drive is just for you. The $4 gizmo is one of the coolest prank-device I’ve ever seen. It ain’t a typical pen drive — the prank toy looks and feels like real, but when you take off the cap, your another hand will get an electric shock! What’s more, the shock is strong enough to make people scream. Loved the idea and want to buy one?

Having a happy dayt!


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