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3G Iphone is Planning To Board China By The End Of 2008

June 13, 2008

As expected by many other industry insiders, last Monday Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the new 3G iphone at company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. This notable new iphone is more than half of cheaper than its predecessor and support 3G network. More interesting, Jobs implied us that the new iphone will enter China mainland by the end of this year by demonstrate its Chinese input functionalities personally; he imputed a chinese character “果“.

Much cheaper, much faster surfing
According to the plan, 3G iPHONE will be released at July 11 in over 22 countries and regions; later this year will be on market at 48 countries and regions worldwide.

The new iphone have 8GB and 16Gb two versions, taged $199 and $299; with first ge iphone 399$, the new iphnoe is much cheaper. 3G iphone have built-in GPS and a thinner form facter. As it support 3G network, the download speed is 2.8 times faster than first iphone.
The character ” 果 “implies apple’s determination to enter China MARKET?

Not sure how is apple-china’s negotiation going on, but at the release event, Jobs referred that there are hopes that the 3G Iphone could enter China and Russia by the end of this year, but that still need approval of the supervisor departments of the two countries. Since iphone debut last June, there have been 6 million iphones sold worldwidely with the official markets share in America and Europe. In fact, the number of iphones smuggled into China are also countless.In order to suit China’s 2G network, smugglers have to unlock iphone. The black market iphone in China are sold around 3500 yuan to 3700 yuan. Some people believe after 3G iphone board China, the black market could collapse.

Iphone clone become the biggest competitor?
Many industry manufacturer think the easyiest and straight way to success is copying. After apple accessories like iphone cases , Iphone Clone is becoming common and mass produced. As reported, because there are large amount of smuggled iphones, and the rise of domestic iphone clones, these could be the fatal factor that impede 3G iphone to take market share. One of iphone clone, called Hiphone which is only one letter difference but have almost exact the same functions as iphone(old version) and even light weighted but only for 1200 yuan or 170$